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The Pathfinder i4.0 is an anonymous online survey. The aim is to find out how the digital status quo is assessed by you, i.e. by all employees of all departments. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the Pathfinder i4.0.

The Pathfinder contains 23 questions, which are divided into four areas:

• Management and Leadership (Questions 1.1 to 1.5)
• Organisation and Human Ressources (Questions 2.1 to 2.6)
• Technology and Infrastructure (Questions 3.1 to 3.7)
• Market (Questions 4.1 to 4.5)

With a simple click you select the desired answer option. For each question, you can also show additional information. Simply click on the following button and the topic of each question is explained in more detail:

You can also leave a note for each question (for example, a specific example). In the annotations field you can (but do not have to) enter a free text:

At the end of the 23 questions we ask you to select your area of influence.

We hope you enjoy the Pathfinder i4.0 and look forward to your results.

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Management has clearly recognized the importance of digitalization/industry 4.0 and is driving the whole process?
A clear vision/strategy on digitalization/industry 4.0 has been explicitly developed for the company?
The company’s business model is intensively refined with help of digital elements.
The company has a culture which is known by everyone and which supports the digital transformation process of the company.
Digitalization/industry 4.0 is implemented by means of a structured change management process for the company.
All employees of the company know the meaning of digitalization/industry 4.0 and the related opportunities for the company?
The company's employess have acquired neccessary qualicaftion levels in the fields of digitalisation/industry 4.0?
Most of the company’s employees are involved in digitalisation projects.
The majority of employees in our company is involved in digitalization projects?
Project management is based on agile principles and cross-functional teams?
Employees are given the chance to propose own ideas for digital projects and are also able to implement those.
Data is perceived as a crucial element of the company?
The IT structure of the company is based on industry 4.0 concepts such as connectivity, flexibility and automation.
Cloud based services like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are used to improve the flexibility and scalability of the company's IT structure?
All systems (administration, software, machines, tools) of the company are seamlessly connected and integrated?
In your company exists a digital copy ("digital twin") of all operational process (machines, tools, products)?
Data is systematically utilized in a structured data mining process?
The company is using smart product concepts?
The company is aware of new digital market requirements due to the digital transformation?
The company works together with customers on new digital product and service requirements?
The company is perceived as a digital leader in the market?
The company is aware of its digital suppliers/partners network requirements?
The company is aware of possible industry changes due to the digital transformation?

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